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The riddle

Can God create a rock too big to lift?

The omnipotence paradox!!!.

If he can, then he/she is not omnipotent, because he cannot lift it. If he/she cannot, then he/she is not omnipotent because he/she cannot do it. A baffling conundrum.

I an not sure if this question was ever answered. I read books, but I do not read that many. I kind of skip over the whole medieval section, too dreary. Also, I live in the west, so I'm a bit on the self-centered side and the eastern books are too far across the library to walk too. I would need a couple espresso shots to go that distance, plus the librarians are all like no coffee stores in there...ugh...I digress upon gastrinal ingestions....that sounds weird and gross..

Anywhoos... I got the answer to paradoxical question, even though by nature paradoxical questions don't have answers which is an answer in of itself.

God already answered the question. The answer is he created mankind. We are the rock.

Indirectly. The answer is really love, but love is defined by the counterpart.

He created mankind and gave us authority and free will. Upon these boundaries, God said I will not cross. Unless we ask for his help.

Just look at Earth. God gave it to us. All the grime and crime you see is our doing. Does he impose himself on us. No, out of respect for the boundary he gave. God said this is yours. You are yourself. Do as you please.

So God can answer the paradoxical question and it does not impede on his omnipotence.

We always try to bring God down to our level. But God says, In your face mankind. ! lol.

Like any good parent, God says I will give you your freedom. I will not cross your boundaries. I will respect them. However, here is a cross if you need help (see what I did there..)

He put himself on the other side of that boundary in the from of Jesus. And built the most paradoxical thing ever: Jesus.

Mankind is the answer to the paradox. So Jesus became man to uno-reverse card the equation. Word!

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