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I enjoy making websites, photo-shopping images, creating logos, writing and just generally being weird and funny.  So I created this website to use a playground for all those activities.

About me.... I am a bit of an Enigma.

I was born in Texas. I never road horses, but I used to surf in the Gulf of Mexico. I did not listen to country music, instead I listened to punk rock. I got a degree in Anthropology and I was the only Christian in those classes.

After college, I left Texas and its wonderful foods behind and I moved up North..... to the South. Texas is just too hot.

With my Anthropology degree in hand, I went and found my dream job as a .....Bio-pharmaceutical Scientist. It has absolutely nothing to do with my degree and and Cultures and Archeology:

While in the South, instead of finding a southern belle, to court, I met and married a beautiful woman from Africa!  And if you know anything about the south, living here as outsiders and as a mixed couple has had its challenges. The list of enigmas goes on....

With my three kids off to college, its time for my wife and I to get back to our dreams that attracted us to each other in the first place: international aid missions (hopefully I can use my degree someday).

So we are kicking off KoKo Congo. An aid and humanitarian organization to help those in need in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also, I want to get back to my passions of writing.

Whats that got to do with the website name? Well, most importantly, I believe that dude named Jesus of Nazareth is who he claimed to be. A Son of God and King of Kings.

Since my name is Hill, I reckon he can be the King of this Hill, and since King of the was taken, I had to get creative and use something else. So here we are......Welcome to Hill of The King.

So join me in these adventures.



I reckon I should write something here.

Neon Typewriter Keys


Fiction / Non-Fiction

Coming soon......

KDAWG the Joker

Project Manager

If you can call Canva and my phone graphic art apps, then voila I'm an artist.

Blaise Pascal Pensees


Blaise Pascal was the godfather of Blogging with his book Pensees. A collection of his life's ideas and meditations and notes all assembled into a single book. Sort of like his own medieval Instagram page, but in book form. I could see ol' Blaise doing some selfie tiktok takes on the Discourse of the Machine. I can dig it. 

Well, I am not Blaise Pascal, but I'm no spongebob either. So I thought I would start emo-dumping all my thoughts and ideas onto my blog page. Lets see where it goes....

But for the record, I agree with Pascal, choose the odds in your favor.



I like helping others.

Here are other projects I am collaborating on with others.

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