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Podcasts on Recovery

·            Rich Roll Podcasts

·            Russel Brand Podcast

·            Anthony Hopkins (AA - talk )

·            AA

·            Sandy B.

·            Joe and Charlie

·            Online AA meetings

·             Smart recovery meetings

·            AA meetings

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Books on Recovery

⁃       The Big Book - Alcoholics Anonymous ⁃       Breathing under Water- Richard Rohr ⁃       12 Steps and 12 Traditions - AA Book ⁃       Drop the Rock (Steps 6 & 7 ) ⁃       The naked mind - Annie

The riddle

Can God create a rock too big to lift? The omnipotence paradox!!!. If he can, then he/she is not omnipotent, because he cannot lift it. If he/she cannot, then he/she is not omnipotent because he/she c


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